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Going Bananas!

I’m not sure why, but eating bananas always makes me feel like a kid. Just catching a whiff of them brings a smile to my face. They’re portable for a quick, healthy snack on the go; that’s why we always have them in our home. They’re delicious in smoothies, too. Because we eat so many … Continue reading »

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Sharing the Thanksgiving Apron

weeAdventure welcomes guest blogger Susie Breaux McShea. I am grateful for the years that we host Thanksgiving Dinner at our home. Devoting the better part of a day (or two) to preparing one fabulous meal is a luxury I rarely have and truly enjoy. It’s also a great opportunity to get kids involved in cooking … Continue reading »

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Challenge: Slap, Stack, Bake

weeAdventure welcomes guest blogger Lorraine Bonzelet. Sports fans have settled into the couch cushions, wrapped in blankets to secure their positions and remote control in hand.  They’ve started talking back at the sports announcers, cheering on their favorite players and yelling colorful words at those less favorable.  With all the energy that the athletes are putting … Continue reading »

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Go Guts, Go Glory

weeAdventure welcomes guest blogger Lorraine Bonzelet. You’ve hallowed out your pumpkin, carved creepy creatures into the rind and you’ve roasted the seeds.  Now what are you going to do with all those goopy, gooey, glorious guts? Why not get a jump-start on Thanksgiving and bake the guts into a Sweet Potato Pumpkin Casserole? Thanksgiving in … Continue reading »

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Roasted & Toasted Seeds

My nephew scoops up all the pumpkin seeds each year at our Festival o’Pumpkin Carving event. He takes them home and roasts them. Last year, I decided I’d keep a handful to see what he found so pleasurable.  Deliciousness.  This year, we’re kicking it up a few notches to a try new kinds of seasonings in addition … Continue reading »

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