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Take a Hike

Now that the holidays are over, we’re all feeling a little rambunctious.  The weather’s been great here in Maryland, so why not take advantage and get outdoors. Bundle up, grab a bottle of water and take a hike. On Saturday, January 3, head over to Benjamin Banneker’s woods for a short evening hike under a … Continue reading »

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Autumn is a Great Time for “Low-Tech” Fun

weeAdventure blogger Susie Breaux McShea. So, apparently even Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, Inc., limited his children’s screen time. This news, quoted first in a New York Times article last month, was affirming for some parents and a source of renewed pressure for others. I will not reveal which category describes me (but “guilt” is … Continue reading »

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Books, books, books!

I’m a writer. This means I read. A lot. It also means my kids read. A lot. We have well-used library cards. Barnes and Noble gave me a “frequent flyer*” card rather than a discount card. I cost them too much money. Amazon named me their favorite customer* and both the FedEx and UPS delivery … Continue reading »

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It’s Movie Time

  When I was a kid, going to the movies was a Big Deal. My brother and I had to bathe first and get into our pajamas while Mom made popcorn. Dad would load sleeping bags and pillows in the back of our station wagon (in case we fell asleep). Then we’d head to the drive-in … Continue reading »

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Going Bananas!

I’m not sure why, but eating bananas always makes me feel like a kid. Just catching a whiff of them brings a smile to my face. They’re portable for a quick, healthy snack on the go; that’s why we always have them in our home. They’re delicious in smoothies, too. Because we eat so many … Continue reading »

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