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Summer NOT To Do List

Posted by on June 10, 2012

Summer NOT To Do ListDuring the year there are so many things To Do, why not have a NOT To Do list for the summer? Here are the things we are NOT going to do this summer. What are you NOT going to do? The best addition to this list, as judged by us, wins a small summer weeAdventure surprise! Leave your comment by June 30, 2012 to be eligible.

We pledge NOT to…

  1. Tolerate bare toenails
  2. Skip out on the marshmallow topping
  3. Invite stink bugs to the picnic this year
  4. Belly flop (ouch!)
  5. Wear Yankee blue to cheer on ‘dem Os
  6. Eat dinner inside on a cool, breezy night
  7. Say “No” to jumping the puddles
  8. Keep fireflies in a jar overnight
  9. Forget the spare bike tube, again
  10. Let any produce spoil the in the garden (we vow to share early and often)
  11. Be satisfied with only one scoop
  12. Leave the fireworks early to beat the traffic
  13. Turn on the TV when we could instead go to the pool
  14. Let a single crab go to waste (hand me that mallet!)
  15. Step on a pop-top, blow out a flip-flop
  16. Hesitate inviting friends over because the house is a mess
  17. Read the fine print
  18. Hold the safety bar while riding the Super Dooper Looper
  19. Forget to put sunblock on the tops of our feet
  20. Miss an opportunity to view a Maryland sunset

What’s on your summer NOT To Do list?

6 Responses to Summer NOT To Do List

  1. Rachael

    Skip a chance to spend time with friends.

  2. Kristen

    drag the kids inside to take a bath at the end of the day. suds them up outside and have them run through the sprinkler or hose one last time to rinse off. you can only get away being naked outside for so long without getting weird looks.

    • Annie

      Congratulations, Kristen! You are our “Summer NOT To Do List” Winner for best addition to our list. You and your family win a gift certificate to Rita’s Italian Ice. Thank you for contributing and we hope to see you again on weeAdventure!

  3. Bob Hemler

    Forget inner tubes. I pledge not to forget an entire wheel when I put the bikes in the truck. (Again)

  4. Rob Barnett

    Forget to tighten the string on my swimsuit before making that first dive into the pool.

  5. Baltihon

    Adopt an animal before vacation.

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