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Stocking Full of Kisses

Posted by on February 8, 2012

Patricia Nugent weeAdventure welcomes guest blogger Patricia Nugent

Valentine’s Day celebrates the love you share with the special people in your life.  Most children look forward to Valentine’s Day. In elementary school, decorated shoe boxes await exchanged cards and parties are held. By middle school, girls share candy with their BFFs and boys send notes to their secret crushes.  High school brings the excitement of a Valentine’s Day date with that someone special.  Yes, it’s an exciting day!

I love Valentine’s Day, too.  My husband and I have a standing date every year on February 14th at “our” restaurant.  In 2008, he even flew all the way home from Iraq to keep that date — what a surprise!

I like to do something special for my children on Valentine’s Day.  In the past, I have given them cards and the garden variety heart shaped box of chocolates. While they appreciated my gestures, I wanted to find a better way to show them how special they are to me.   Then, one Christmas, I thought of an idea as I was hanging the Christmas stockings:  Valentine’s Day “stockings.” Well, they’re more like Valentine’s Day sacks. They’re easy to make, they’re reusable, and my children love them!

Valentines Day Love Sack

The heart on the front is actually a pocket where you can put a little love note for your child.  The bag can be filled with sweet treats, or any other cute gift.  I usually fill mine with Hershey Kisses (these days it’s the only way my teenagers let me give them kisses).  Believe it or not, my children seem to enjoy the notes more than the candy.  On Valentine’s Day eve, I hang the sacks filled with treats and a note on their bedroom door knobs.  Upon waking, they bring their stockings to the table, reading the notes as they eat breakfast.  And I can count on being greeted with big smiles and hugs that morning!

You don’t have to know how to sew to make these for your children. All it takes is a little patience and creativity — you can make them too.   I’ve listed the materials below…HAVE FUN!

Click on this link for your own Valentines Day Love Sack downloadable directions, complete with step-by-step photographs.

Materials You’ll Need

  • Two felt rectangles (9 x 12 inches)
  • Ribbon
  • No sew adhesive (I like Heat n Bond)
  • Iron
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Glue and glitter (optional)


2 Responses to Stocking Full of Kisses

  1. Richard P Callahan

    Awesome! The start of a whole new “cottage industry!!!”

  2. Michelle

    Very cute and creative. It is an original just like you!!!!! I have the perfect little idea for you to make to put in that sack……<3…..I will share with you soon.

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