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Finger Painting or Painting Your Fingers?

Posted by on July 25, 2012
Handprint Art heart

Photo and project credit:

Rainy days used to be the perfect time to sleep late, curl up with a book and cup of tea or finally watch that movie your friend recommended. Then I had kids…high energy kids. Now rainy days are a bit more challenging. When the old standbys of trips to the library followed by reading our newly borrowed books and making cookies just aren’t cutting it, I know it is time for arts and crafts!

Recently I saw the cutest pictures of hand print art. Remember in elementary school when you would make a turkey by tracing your hand and making the fingers the feathers? Some very creative folks have taken that concept to the next level! A quick internet search of handprint art and I had plenty of ideas to work from.

Handprint Art cut-outs

Photo and project credit:

With some acrylic paint, a brush and some small white card stock, we were ready to go! My daughter loved having her hand painted, although she would have fits of giggles every time I painted her palm. She took great pride in holding still and was very careful to make a perfect print on the paper. We started with a pig, but I use the word ‘we’ very loosely. Once she understood the concept, my daughter quickly took over adding the features to each hand print we made. In fact, by the third print she was coming up with the concepts herself. Which is how we ended up with a multi-legged, multi-armed bug.While it may be hard to tell what exactly we were trying to make with our hand prints, I definitively will be framing my daughter’s bug. If only as a reminder of the all too short time when rainy days were a challenge and finger painting was an adventure!

Hand Print Art

A bug, a pig and a bunch of flowers.

To find other handprint art projects, I ventured over to Pinterest and found additional project ideas. Now I’m looking forward to the next rainy day.

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