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Summer NOT To Do List

During the year there are so many things To Do, why not have a NOT To Do list for the summer? Here are the things we are NOT going to do this summer. What are you NOT going to do? The best addition to this list, as judged by us, wins a small summer weeAdventure … Continue reading »

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Remembering Memorial Day

Memorial Day has arrived, heralding the start of another summer. Many Baltimoreans head to the beach, attend BBQs, host graduation celebrations, or splash down celebrating the pool opening. It’s a happy time. But it’s important to remember why there’s a holiday at all. Originally called “Decoration Day,” the first recorded commemoration was held on May … Continue reading »

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Bully: Be a Hero. Take a Stand.

Usually going to the movies with your kids is all about fun: laughter, popcorn, and creating shared memories. When you choose to go see the movie “Bully” — and I hope you will — you’ll be creating something else: playground heroes. Watch the “Bully” trailer: Statistics indicate that over 13 million kids are bullied annually … Continue reading »

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Beyond Candy “Yolks”

As a child, I looked forward to Easter — mainly for the candy. I loved racing around the house snatching up plastic eggs, the fancy dinner my mom made with all of our favorite dishes, and having guests at the house to play with. But my biggest wish on Easter was for lots of candy. When I … Continue reading »

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Connect the Dots with Photos

weeAdventure welcomes guest blogger John Waire from theWairehouse Have you ever taken a photo that seems like it “connects the dots” between your head and heart? That’s because real magic happened. For me, these images are often the everyday moments in my life and those of my clients. They’re the times when people are fully … Continue reading »

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