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Easy Halloween Door Hanger

With a rare afternoon at home with just my little girl, I was looking for an easy fall craft she and I could work on together. I came across this picture on Etsy. It reminded me of similar letter door hangers I had seen before and inspired us to make our own for Halloween. A … Continue reading »

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A Cornucopia Tradition

weeAdventure welcomes guest blogger Susie Breaux McShea. When they were very little, my kids took a simple food/craft that my oldest son had learned in preschool and made it their own Thanksgiving tradition. Each year, they make “cornucopias” by filling ice cream cones with fruit snacks. It’s a great activity for Thanksgiving mornings to keep … Continue reading »

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My kids have passed the age where they love cute and cuddly Halloween costumes. No more Thomas-the-Tank Engine or Tigger or Buzz Lightyear. They’ve moved into that gruesome phase. You know the one: the more blood, guts and gore, the better. The smell of latex makes me queasy. There I’ve said it. But as someone, … Continue reading »

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Carve Out Time for Pumpkins

When I was a kid, picking out a pumpkin wasn’t a big deal. Mom brought one home from the local produce stand and we’d dutifully carve it. There would be only one, so my brother and I would negotiate each detail: Triangle eyes? Crookedy or chicklet teeth? and, finally, what kind of nose would round things … Continue reading »

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Finger Painting or Painting Your Fingers?

Rainy days used to be the perfect time to sleep late, curl up with a book and cup of tea or finally watch that movie your friend recommended. Then I had kids…high energy kids. Now rainy days are a bit more challenging. When the old standbys of trips to the library followed by reading our … Continue reading »

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