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About Us

weeAdventure (verb) /wē/adˈvenCHər/ engage in a small, exciting activity, especially the exploration of an unknown territory.

We believe memories can be made every day, stacked upon one another to build the foundation of a happy, fulfilling life. Whether you choose to explore the pages of a new book, hike a beautiful trail, view an inspiring painting, or create something delicious to eat, we’d like to encourage you to try new things with your family. The world is rich with opportunities to stay engaged and busy. Come — join us as we explore.

Photo credit: John Waire, 2015

Debby loves being a mom. She also enjoys wearing many other hats: friend, sister, daughter, writer, bibliophile, adventurer, chef, and traveler of this wondrous world. Although she migrated to Maryland in 1995, she was born in beautiful Bucks County, Pennsylvania and spent her youth exploring Florida, California, Illinois, and New York. Yes, her father was in the military. Debby credits her love of adventures, both big and small, to her parents. No matter where they lived or how tight their budgets, time was always made to visit historical sites and camp in national forests, filling their minds and camera with memories. Debby’s own family regularly sets off on wee adventures and, if they haven’t just returned from one, you can bet they are already planning their next!

Photo credit: John Waire, 2011

Marriah is a Maryland native, mom of two, wife of one and lover of wee adventures.  While she does love her job, her children’s school and their extracurricular activities sometimes she has the irresistible urge to add a small adventure (or two or three) to her family’s already busy week.  She happily blames her own parents who when life got too hectic had a tendency to drop everything, pack up the car and head out in the search of family fun.  Admittedly, she did whine some about the excursions during her teenage years.  But as a slightly wiser adult she values those memories her parents created and seeks to replicate them for her own children.  Marriah hopes that she is adding to the tradition of small adventures in her family, even on those days when she has to squeeze them into a rainy morning at home.  After all, with a wee amount of planning, anyone can have a little adventure!

We hope you’ll join us in our quest to make everyday life fun and memorable. Our weeAdventure is made more so by hearing from you.