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A (New) Year Long Project

Posted by on December 31, 2012

Do you have friends who always insist they wait until New Year’s to make resolutions? I never understood this thinking. If you want to make a change, why not start now? But at the same time, I do get swept away in the excitement of a New Year. While looking for a 2013 family project, I came up with several ideas that fit perfectly within the space of a year. Now the only hard part is picking which one to start on tomorrow. Happy New Year from weeAdventure!
Photographs365 Day Project – Take a picture each and every single day for a year. The more variety the better, some will be from vacations or big events, but most offer a loving slice of everyday life. A very simple idea, but when you put them all together it provides a unique look at a year in your life. I have had several friends take on this challenge and post their pictures online to share daily. I love seeing the unique ideas they come up with. I suggest storing these pictures in a separate folder, so that you can easily create a Year in Review album.
Memory JarMemory Jar – Find any old Mason jar or small container. Throughout the year jot down fun memories you don’t want to forget. Just like the 365 Day Project, a range of notes makes for the best Memory Jar. Something cute your kid said, perhaps a big accomplishment for a friend or family member, or a funny joke your spouse made are all perfect things to include. Just think of the fun you will have reading these memories next New Year’s Eve.
Movie or Book List – January seems to be a month of lists, resolutions and ‘best of’ lists. Why not sit down and make your own list of movies to watch and/or books to read in the coming year? This is a great project to include your children in, they pick some and you pick some. And perhaps a good way to encourage a reluctant reader. The entire family can read the same book and have a family book club dinner. Or pick a book that has a corresponding movie so that you can read the book and then watch the movie together. Encourage your kids to critique the movie and see what thoughts they have.
Map with PinsMap Your Year – Find a large map to keep track of the places you go during the year. Each time you visit somewhere new, add a pin. Scale the map to fit your family’s travel plans. World travelers? Perhaps use a globe. Local travelers? You can use a map of your state or just your county. If you have young kids, you will be sneaking in a lesson in geography without them even knowing it.
Traveling Gift Bag – Speaking of traveling, most of us are probably going to give someone a bottle of wine this year as a gift. Why not make it a extra special by creating a traveling gift bag. Find a canvas gift bag (or any other material you can write on), then add a series of lines for people to list the “to” and “from”. Start the bag on its travels with you and your recipient’s name and ask them to pass it forward. Who knows, the bag may even return to you by the end of the year.
Guest Book rocksGuest Book – Why should Inns and B&Bs have the market on guest books? Why not create a guest book for your own house? Simply find a nice empty notebook to place near the entry way of your house and over the course of the year ask each guest to sign the book. Think beyond just friends who visit overnight: how about the neighbor who drops off a package or that special play date for your child. Don’t forget all your party guests!

Do you have a year-long project planned for 2013? Perhaps you have a succcess story from 2012 to share? We would love to hear about it!

Don’t forget to celebrate New Year’s Eve with Macaroni and Cheese in the Bathtub!

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